joi, 5 iulie 2012

Cover Reveal: "Karma Bites" by Nyrae Dawn


"Whoever said, 'parents are always right' really should have thought that one through. After all, my mom believes in vampires. Go figure."

All Abigail Thompson ever wanted was to be considered normal. Instead, she ended up a loner with a vampire–obsessed mom and a stamp labeling her the resident freak of Karma, California.

When bad boy Caleb Evans saves Abby from a mean girl attack straight out of a “B” movie, Abby’s own karma starts to improve. Maybe “normal” could become her way of life, after all. But Caleb isn’t the only boy to notice her. Once newcomer Gabriel Chambers becomes Abby’s new best friend, she finds herself trapped between two boys, both holding secrets. And when Abby learns sometimes things really do go bump in the night, she discovers one of those secrets could just get her killed.

  Stiam mai demult de carte si chiar eram curioasa cum avea sa arate coperta. Cum am What a boy wants a lui Nyrae Dawn in calculator, cred ca am sa ii dau o sansa si am sa vad cum scrie, pana pe 15 august, cand va aparea Karma Bites.

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